STE Intro page 1

I started writing Skirting the Edges over 10 years ago now. It has taken on many different forms and mediums. The first chapter is now available for purchase as an unbound artist book with a series of prints and writing. They are individually printed for each order and they can be purchased online in my shop.

Unbound Artist Book
STE Intro page 1, New York City, June 2020

Skirting the Edges – Intro

The first chapter of Skirting the Edges consists of 14  4″x6″ prints and 13 text pages. Each unbound artist book is individually printed and ships around the world. 

Skirting the Edges is a story about artists, aliens and drag queens living in a radically changed world.  It is a love story and a journey that challenges us to dare to be ourselves and to live life dangerously.

Artist Zine
Skirting the Edges – Intro

Skirting the Edges is a multi-faceted and ongoing series of writing, unbound artist books, zines, lens-based art, video collaborations with Joshua Evan and more new work and media will be arriving in the future. Stay tuned. Purchase online in my shop.

Thank you for supporting the work of an independent artist. It is very much appreciated.

Announcing Of Forgotten Dreams

I am very happy to announce that Of Forgotten Dreams is now being featured on Tablespoon Tuesdays by the Tablespoon Theatre Company. The very talented Joshua Evan made this fabulous experimental film with writing by me. It’s a short film that you can watch from the leisure of your lockdown environment.

Of Forgotten Dreams is an experimental film with written words by Leanne Staples
Of Forgotten Dreams experimental film by Joshua Evan with writing by Leanne Staples

Of Forgotten Dreams – video

Have you seen Of Forgotten Dreams? It is a collaboration with the artist and experimental filmmaker Joshua Evan. My contribution is the written piece. The images and the video were created by him and it is a perfect complement to the writing. Enjoy! You can also view some of his other videos there as well.

Another Photomontage Sold!

I am so happy to announce that another photomontage print has found a new home! gorgeous (f*cking) mystery #7 is an original one-of-a-kind print in a series of 7 prints that accompany a written word piece.

Abstract Photomontage
gorgeous (f*cking) mystery 7, New York City, March 2020

You can see the entire series and also the prints available on my site. Thanks so much to everyone for purchasing zines and prints during these challenging times. It really is appreciated.

Of Forgotten Dreams – the Zine

I am very happy to announce the zine version of Of Forgotten Dreams. It is a collaboration with Joshua Evan and That Other Space. My contribution to it is the written piece.

It is a free digital download. Yes, you read that correctly!

You can also see the video of Of Forgotten Dreams online. Enjoy!

Abstract Digital Zine
Of Forgotten Dreams (Zine), April 2020

comme d’habitude #2 has sold!

I am very happy to announce that comme d’habitude #2 has sold! It is a one-of-a-kind photomontage printed on 140 lb 5″ x 7″ acid free watercolor paper. Don’t miss your chance to buy one before they sell out!⁠

It is part of a series of 7 prints. There is also an art zine with the entire series of images and a written word piece as well. You can see the other prints and the zine on my website.

comme d’habitude 2, printed on 140 lb 5″ x 7″ acid free watercolor paper, New York City, February 2020

comme d’habitude zine

comme d’habitude is a recent zine of 7 abstract photomontages and a written piece with the same name. As an indie artist & writer, this is one of the ways that I am able to make some income to survive these challenging times. You can purchase the book for $20 in my online shop. Shipping within the US is $5 and international shipping is $10. Thank you to everyone who has purchased my books and stay well.

Abstract Photo Zine
comme d’habitude photozine, February 2020

comme d’habitude #6

There are 7 original one-of-a-kind photomontage prints in the comme d’habitude series. They are for sale in my shop. A copy of the written piece is included and there is also a zine available. Below is #6 in the series.

Thank you to everyone who has been purchasing my books and art. It is really appreciated and helps me to survive these challenging times.

Abstract Photo Montage
comme d’habitude #6, New York City, February 2020 printed on 140 lb 5″ x 7″ acid free watercolor paper