Announcing Of Forgotten Dreams

I am very happy to announce that Of Forgotten Dreams is now being featured on Tablespoon Tuesdays by the Tablespoon Theatre Company. The very talented Joshua Evan made this fabulous experimental film with writing by me. It’s a short film that you can watch from the leisure of your lockdown environment.

Of Forgotten Dreams is an experimental film with written words by Leanne Staples
Of Forgotten Dreams experimental film by Joshua Evan with writing by Leanne Staples

Of Forgotten Dreams – video

Have you seen Of Forgotten Dreams? It is a collaboration with the artist and experimental filmmaker Joshua Evan. My contribution is the written piece. The images and the video were created by him and it is a perfect complement to the writing. Enjoy! You can also view some of his other videos there as well.

Presenting “Silence”

I am very happy to announce Silence. It is a multi-media collaboration with Joshua Evan. It’s about pushing the boundaries in spoken word. Josh is the director and editor and I wrote Silence. It is very exciting as most people are familiar with my lens-based-art or my street photography, but not my writing. I do hope that you enjoy it!