An imagemaker

The use of hashtags is something that I find both helpful and also a bit silly. I don’t call myself a #womanphotographer because I prefer that people like my photography (or not) regardless of my gender. In the same respect, I don’t call my work #fineartphotography as it is up to the viewer to decide if it is art or not. I often label my work #streetphotography because that is a useful hashtag for people that are looking for that style of work. That said, I haven’t been accepted in the street photography “clubs” as one of them. They tend to be very closed groups. I started in photography well before computers and the internet. And while the internet is fabulous for viewing and sharing photography, it can be rather confining when it comes to the use of hashtags and categories. Street photography is merely one part of the kind of photography that I create. Photography is an expression of who I am and how I see the world. Perhaps I will call myself an #imagemaker. You can see more of my work on my personal site. – Urban Bliss Two #4, 2 April 2017

urban bliss two 4

Breaking out of routines

I am very passionate about photography. It is something that I do almost as naturally as eating and sleeping. But there are times when I feel myself getting into a repetitive pattern. Yes, there are times when I get a little bored. That’s when I try new things. I’ve been using intentional camera movement for a number of years now. Most of the time it’s either a vertical or horizontal motion. Lately I’ve gotten into more circular motions and I’m having a lot of fun with it. The beginning of a new series. I will create a new gallery for it soon. This photo was taken in Bushwick, Brooklyn during the Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop on 26 February 2017. Perhaps I will schedule another one of those soon. You can also checkout my Street Photography Workshops where we often use some creative techniques as well.


Dumbo in colors. Abstract style!

It was a beautiful springlike day and I went to Dumbo (down under the Manhattan Bridge) with camera in hand. So many photographic opportunities there! I did some intentional camera movement. It’s a lot of fun! If getting creative with photography is something you’re interested in it’s something that we do on the Bushwick Street Art and Creative Photography Workshop


double your pleasure

Double exposure is something that I enjoy quite a bit. Presently only one of my cameras has the ability to do double exposures. And on occasion when I’m in the mood and in the right neighborhood to do it, I’ll spend quite a bit of time on them. I know that I can do the same thing in Photoshop and have a more controlled effect. But I prefer the chance element and creating the image on location. In one particular place. My series Urban Bliss are all double exposures.


art fusion III

art fusion III – This is a piece from a current series that I’ve been working on called art fusion. It is a double exposure of two different paintings that were hanging in the Whitney Museum. Perhaps this could be called pop art. I’ll stick with art fusion 🙂
art fusion III