La vie bohémienne 1

I am very happy to announce my new series of photomontages titled La vie bohémienne. It consists of 13 limited edition prints. This, the first in the series is available for sale on my site and the others will become available in the near future. You can see the entire series on my site.

Retro Photomontage
La vie bohémienne 1, New York City, 7 June 2020

Skirting the Edges 2

Skirting the Edges 2 is a photomontage and part of a series of 15 original one-of-a-kind prints. Skirting the Edges is also a larger multimedia project that is gradually being rolled out.

Abstract Photomontage
Skirting the Edges 2, New York City, February 2020

Skirting the Edges 1

Skirting the Edges 1 is now available for sale in my online shop. It ships internationally as well. You can see many of my original photomontages and zines for sale in the shop. Thank you for your support on an indie artist.

Abstract Photomontage
Skirting the Edges 1, New York City, February 2020

Another Photomontage Sold!

I am so happy to announce that another photomontage print has found a new home! gorgeous (f*cking) mystery #7 is an original one-of-a-kind print in a series of 7 prints that accompany a written word piece.

Abstract Photomontage
gorgeous (f*cking) mystery 7, New York City, March 2020

You can see the entire series and also the prints available on my site. Thanks so much to everyone for purchasing zines and prints during these challenging times. It really is appreciated.

gorgeous (f-ing) mystery

gorgeous (f-ing) mystery is a new photomontage series on my site. (I’ve bleeped the word in parentheses as I am not certain of what’s acceptable on social media.) It is a series of 7 original one-of-a-kind prints that are accompanied by a written piece. You can view the entire series online and the prints are available for purchase and ship internationally.

Abstract photomontage
gorgeous (f-ing) mystery 2, New York City, 15 March 2020

Let’s do coffee

This is day three of the 30 Days 30 Works Project and this is my third submission. Let’s do coffee is a photo montage print. It isn’t on my website yet. In the meantime, you can see many of my photomontage pieces online.

Abstract Photo Montage
Let’s do coffee, photomontage print on 6″x9″ acid free watercolor paper. New York City, 3 April 2020