in the midst of chaos

in the midst of chaos is a mixed-media photomontage that I made today. It says something about the current state of the world. At least it is good to have the ability to be creative during these challenging times.

Abstract Street Photography
in the midst of chaos, New York City, 26 April 2020

thief within astonishment

thief within astonishment is a photomontage that I made today for the 30 works in 30 days project. It is a unique one-of-a-kind photomontage on 6’x9″ acid free watercolor paper. The best thing to do during the Covid-19 pandemic is to stay home and create art. You can see some of my other photomontage work on my site.

Abstract Photomontage
thief within astonishment, photomontage on 6″x9″ acid free watercolor paper. New York City, 13 April 2020