What do we leave behind?

I forgot to post yesterday’s submission for the day 8 of the 30 works in 30 days project, What do we leave behind? The best thing to do during the Covid-19 pandemic is to stay home and create art. You can see more of my abstract work on my site.

Monochrome Abstract Street Photography
What do we leave behind? New York City, 8 April 2020

Self-portrait in Greenpoint

Greenpoint is one on a number of very cool neighborhoods in New York City. This self-portrait is part of the SNYC Newsletter photo assignment of the week to take a photo with a natural frame. Of and it’s my favorite kind of selfies, a reflection. Self-Portrait in Greenpoint, Brooklyn 3 June 2017. https://www.shootnewyorkcity.com/blog/2017/6/3/self-portrait-in-greenpoint

self-portrait in Greenpoint