Original Art Zine

Comme d’habitude is a full color art zine with a written piece as well. Comme d’habitude means as usual and the poem is in English. If you’re looking for an affordable gift for the art lover, poetry lover in your life, look no further.

There are 7 original photomontage reproductions in the first edition of 50 zines and they ship internationally. Order online in my shop.

STE Intro page 1

I started writing Skirting the Edges over 10 years ago now. It has taken on many different forms and mediums. The first chapter is now available for purchase as an unbound artist book with a series of prints and writing. They are individually printed for each order and they can be purchased online in my shop.

Unbound Artist Book
STE Intro page 1, New York City, June 2020

Skirting the Edges – Intro

The first chapter of Skirting the Edges consists of 14  4″x6″ prints and 13 text pages. Each unbound artist book is individually printed and ships around the world. 

Skirting the Edges is a story about artists, aliens and drag queens living in a radically changed world.  It is a love story and a journey that challenges us to dare to be ourselves and to live life dangerously.

Artist Zine
Skirting the Edges – Intro

Skirting the Edges is a multi-faceted and ongoing series of writing, unbound artist books, zines, lens-based art, video collaborations with Joshua Evan and more new work and media will be arriving in the future. Stay tuned. Purchase online in my shop.

Thank you for supporting the work of an independent artist. It is very much appreciated.

Tis the Season

Now more than ever, it’s important to support independent businesses. I have a number of self-published photo zines and original prints available in my shop and they ship worldwide.

Featured here is my photozine, City in Color. It is a photozine of 27 full color photographic images. It is a 36 page, saddle-stitched publication and it measures 5.8″ x 8.26″. And it is limited to 100 copies which are signed and numbered.

You can find City in Color and many other unique gift items for the artist or art lover in your life.

New York City Street Photography Zine
City in Color photozine

Shop Indie

Did you know that I have a shop? I currently have 3 zines that are limited, signed and numbered and they ship internationally. As an artist, this is one of a few important resources for me to devote my time to being an artist. The joy of holding a book in your hands and viewing art is unlike that of seeing art online.

Of Forgotten Dreams – the Zine

I am very happy to announce the zine version of Of Forgotten Dreams. It is a collaboration with Joshua Evan and That Other Space. My contribution to it is the written piece.

It is a free digital download. Yes, you read that correctly!

You can also see the video of Of Forgotten Dreams online. Enjoy!

Abstract Digital Zine
Of Forgotten Dreams (Zine), April 2020

Art Zines

I currently have 5 zines available for sale in my shop. Four are print zines and one is digital. The sale of these zines is helping me to pay my bills during the Covid-19 pandemic. The print zines can be shipped internationally. Thank you for supporting the work of an indie artist.

comme d’habitude #7

Another print has found a new home! comme d’habitude is a series of 7 original one-of-a-kind photomontages. It is also a written word piece. You can purchase the zine of it in my shop. At the time of writing this, there are only 4 prints still available. It gives me a great feeling to make a print. It is doubly so when someone buys it.

Abstract Photomontage
comme d’habitude #7 – printed on 140 lb 5″ x 7″ acid free watercolor paper. New York City, February 2020

comme d’habitude #2 has sold!

I am very happy to announce that comme d’habitude #2 has sold! It is a one-of-a-kind photomontage printed on 140 lb 5″ x 7″ acid free watercolor paper. Don’t miss your chance to buy one before they sell out!⁠

It is part of a series of 7 prints. There is also an art zine with the entire series of images and a written word piece as well. You can see the other prints and the zine on my website.

comme d’habitude 2, printed on 140 lb 5″ x 7″ acid free watercolor paper, New York City, February 2020

Quaranzine Fest 2020

I am very happy to announce that I will be participating in the online Quaranzine Fest 4-5 April. Without worry about social distancing. Check out all kinds of zines made by the indie community and support them by buying a few. You only need to search by using hashtags⁠ listed on their site.

You can also buy both my print and digital books on my shop. I thank everyone for helping to support me and other indie businesses through these trying times.

Quaranzine Fest 2020 4-5 April