comme d'habitude prints

There are 7 original one-of-a-kind photomontage prints in the comme d’habitude series. They are for sale in my shop. A copy of the written piece is included and there is also a zine available. Below is #3 in the series.

Thank you to everyone who has been purchasing my books and art. It is really appreciated and helps me to survive these challenging times.

Original Abstract Photo Montage
comme d’habitude #3 – printed on 140 lb 5″ x 7″ acid free watercolor paper.
New York City, February 2020

Quaranzine Fest 2020

I am very happy to announce that I will be participating in the online Quaranzine Fest 4-5 April. Without worry about social distancing. Check out all kinds of zines made by the indie community and support them by buying a few. You only need to search by using hashtags⁠ listed on their site.

You can also buy both my print and digital books on my shop. I thank everyone for helping to support me and other indie businesses through these trying times.

Quaranzine Fest 2020 4-5 April

announcing an abbreviated spectacle

I am very excited to announce my latest publication, an abbreviated spectacle. It is a digital zine with a series of 15 painterly images and a corresponding written piece. This is part of a larger body of work entitled Skirting the Edges.

You can purchase and download it in my shop and have it within moments. Thank you to Joshua Evan and That Other Space for collaborating on publishing it. And a big thank you to everyone who has been purchasing my books and helping me make ends meet as an independent artist.

a digital zine of words and images
an abbreviated spectacle by Leanne Staples, March 2020

comme d'habitude prints

comme d’habitude is a series of 7 original one-of-a-kind photomontages. You can see the entire series on my site. They are available for purchase as is the photozine of the series. It also includes a written piece of the same name.

Original Photomontage
comme d’habitude 4, New York City, February 2020

Announcing comme d'habitude zine

I am very happy to announce the publication of comme d’habitude, my newest photozine. It is a first edition of 50 copies in collaboration with Joshua Evan and That Other Space There are 7 photomontage reproductions and an accompanying written piece.

comme d’habitude (“as usual”) is about the relationship of two people thinking in unison in a world in which they are seen as outsiders. It imagines a carefree existence whether in this world or in another, in which we can still dream and in which we have the ability to fully live outwardly who we are and without judgement. 

This is part of a larger project entitled Skirting the Edges. More news about that in the near future.

The zine and the 7 original one-of-a-kind prints can be purchased on my site. Thank you for supporting the work of an independent artist. It is very much appreciated.

Abstract Photomontage Zine
comme d’habitude zine, New York City, March 2020

In Dreams -The Photo Zine

In Dreams is a series of painterly photos. It is also an independently published photo zine. It is a limited edition of 100 and it is hand signed and numbered. You can purchase it online on my website and you can also see two other books that I have for sale. International shipping is available.