Exciting Announcement!

I have 3 series of Mail art with images from my series La vie bohémienne for sale exclusively through the shop at That Other Space. Mail art is very cool.

There’s nothing like receiving a beautiful envelope in the post with beautiful images. Some of the images and the word art are unique to each separate order. And, they are affordable and accessible.

Whether you decide to keep them or gift them there’s still time for them to arrive in time for the holidays. I can include a custom note if you would like to gift them. And the bonus is that they’re only £15.00 included postage worldwide. That’s correct, same same. So don’t wait!

Mail Art
La vie bohémienne – mail art, December 2020

Announcing Of Forgotten Dreams

I am very happy to announce that Of Forgotten Dreams is now being featured on Tablespoon Tuesdays by the Tablespoon Theatre Company. The very talented Joshua Evan made this fabulous experimental film with writing by me. It’s a short film that you can watch from the leisure of your lockdown environment.

Of Forgotten Dreams is an experimental film with written words by Leanne Staples
Of Forgotten Dreams experimental film by Joshua Evan with writing by Leanne Staples

Of Forgotten Dreams – video

Have you seen Of Forgotten Dreams? It is a collaboration with the artist and experimental filmmaker Joshua Evan. My contribution is the written piece. The images and the video were created by him and it is a perfect complement to the writing. Enjoy! You can also view some of his other videos there as well.

Of Forgotten Dreams – the Zine

I am very happy to announce the zine version of Of Forgotten Dreams. It is a collaboration with Joshua Evan and That Other Space. My contribution to it is the written piece.

It is a free digital download. Yes, you read that correctly!

You can also see the video of Of Forgotten Dreams online. Enjoy!

Abstract Digital Zine
Of Forgotten Dreams (Zine), April 2020

announcing an abbreviated spectacle

I am very excited to announce my latest publication, an abbreviated spectacle. It is a digital zine with a series of 15 painterly images and a corresponding written piece. This is part of a larger body of work entitled Skirting the Edges.

You can purchase and download it in my shop and have it within moments. Thank you to Joshua Evan and That Other Space for collaborating on publishing it. And a big thank you to everyone who has been purchasing my books and helping me make ends meet as an independent artist.

a digital zine of words and images
an abbreviated spectacle by Leanne Staples, March 2020

A Door Opening

I am very happy to announce A Door Opening. It is my 3rd collaboration with Joshua Evan. He is a very talented artist and filmmaker. My role is as a writer. While people tend to think of me as a photographer, I have been writing for many decades now. I do hope that you enjoy it.


Presenting “Silence”

I am very happy to announce Silence. It is a multi-media collaboration with Joshua Evan. It’s about pushing the boundaries in spoken word. Josh is the director and editor and I wrote Silence. It is very exciting as most people are familiar with my lens-based-art or my street photography, but not my writing. I do hope that you enjoy it!