Freeze Frame: A Journey of a Street Photographer

Where's My Other Sock

This is first in a series of blog posts profiling individuals who decided to pursue their calling in life. They are inspiring and courageous, tapping into that drive we all possess, but sometimes ignore; to step out and follow their dreams. Leanne Staples fits that criteria. I met Leanne on a Shoot New York City Tour she was hosting for photographers, of all levels. What you will notice the second you meet Leanne is her energy and passion. Her tours will leave an imprint on your soul with her love of New York City and those who live and walk its streets. Her specific form of photography is called street photography.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 7.26.45 PM Leanne Staples, owner of Shoot New York City, captured in her element–mid vision, taking in her next subject.

Street photography is a daring art form. It is referred to as candid photography, relying on chance encounters and random interactions…

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