another portrait in (de)construction photo

I’ve been busy with street photography workshops and photo tours and shooting like crazy! Cleaning out my Lightroom catalog! What a lot of work that is! I admit I don’t do it often enough. In the process I find photos that I forgot about and then process them. portraits in (de)construction is a series I started last autumn of construction windows. This photo was taken this year on 11 February in Soho, NYC.Soho (de)construction

Do you call yourself a photographer?

That’s a real question! It’s funny how diverse the range of definitions for the word photographer exist. In the photography world there are high-brow elitists who insist on a very narrow definition of the word. Maybe only highly paid professionals would be included in that group. And then there’s the everyone is a photographer world, as just about everyone carries a camera with them at all times regardless if they use it or the sorts of photos they take. I believe that somewhere in the middle of those 2 groups there exists a group of people who are just plain passionate about photography! That is the group that I belong to. A woman told me yesterday that she’s “in love with her camera again!” That’s a true sign of a photographer in my interpretation of the word!


Breaking out of routines

I am very passionate about photography. It is something that I do almost as naturally as eating and sleeping. But there are times when I feel myself getting into a repetitive pattern. Yes, there are times when I get a little bored. That’s when I try new things. I’ve been using intentional camera movement for a number of years now. Most of the time it’s either a vertical or horizontal motion. Lately I’ve gotten into more circular motions and I’m having a lot of fun with it. The beginning of a new series. I will create a new gallery for it soon. This photo was taken in Bushwick, Brooklyn during the Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop on 26 February 2017. Perhaps I will schedule another one of those soon. You can also checkout my Street Photography Workshops where we often use some creative techniques as well.