Photography vs Art

Perhaps the biggest problem with standard digital photography is that it can be duplicated forever. So it is difficult for it to retain any kind of real value. That is true both in the tangible monetary sense and also in the perceived aesthetic value. But in making one of a kind images that are photography based, there is the possibility of escaping the trap.

Original Abstract Photography
Recycled Images (January 2020) #2

Between Two Genres

My photography has been for quite awhile split between abstract and street photography. Then a few years ago I really began to explore combining the two and creating abstract street photography. But I have also been working for years on using different kinds of experimental methods to create unique work that is one of a kind. My new series Recycled Images is one example.

Abstract Photography Montage
Recycled Images (January 2020) #22

New Year, New Decade, Kind of New Site

Sometimes it’s too easy to keep doing things the way that you’ve been doing them for a long time. And sometimes it’s time to disrupt the routine. My website has a whole new look and a number of new pieces. It is a work in progress!

Abstract Photography
Inconsistent, New York City, January 2020